Western Philosophy: From Renaissance to Enlightenment

Learn the Philosophy of the West’s Greatest Thinkers

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Western Philosophy has a rich tradition of wisdom and clear thinking about ideas related to Justice, Consciousness, Freedom, the Nature of Existence and more. In this course, you will learn what some of the greatest thinkers in history discovered about life and the nature of happiness including insights and realizations of:1. Leonardo da Vinci2. Francis Bacon3. William Shakespeare4. Thomas Hobbes5. Michel de Montaigne6. Petrarch7. John Locke8. Voltaire9. Spinoza10. Benjamin Franklin11. Mary Wollstonecraft12. David Hume13. Kant14. Jean Jacques Rousseau15. Adam Smith16. And MoreThe modern world and Western society have largely been shaped by the ideas of these individuals and their contemporaries. In this course, you will learn how they contributed to modern thought and how you can apply their powerful ideas to lead a more fulfilling, happier, and enriched life.

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