Train the Trainer Coach: Complete Guide to Coaching Trainers

Coach trainers for excellence to build credibility, secure buy-in, and boost evaluations and training retention.

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At Last, Youll Have a Powerful Coaching System That Will Help YouTAKE YOUR TRAINERS FROM GOOD TO GREAT(Hint: The process looks something like this)Coaching Kick-offLesson #1: Learn about the trainerLesson #2: Create initial value for the trainerLesson #3: Make a good first impression Observations andFeedbackLesson #4: Observe the trainer in the classroomLesson #5: Write a classroom observation summaryLesson #6: Write feedback to give to the trainerLesson #7: Deliver feedback to the trainerOne-on-One Coaching SessionsLesson #8: Tailor the approach to coaching the trainerLesson #9: Coach the trainer to show credibilityLesson #10: Coach the trainer to build rapportLesson #11: Coach the trainer to engage traineesLesson #12: Coach the trainer to teach all learnersLesson #13: Coach the trainer to answer questionsLesson #14: Coach the trainer to handle challengesSet up Future SuccessLesson #15: Encourage the trainer to use new ideasLesson #16: Set the trainer up for future successPLUS16 quizzes, 1 for each lesson, to make sure you are understanding all of the materialOrdinary training managers just dont get it. According to a 2015 ATD research study, only 38% of managers believe that their learning programs meet their learners needs. In other words, 62% of HR managersbelieve that they are not doing a goodjob meeting the learners needs. Pretty bad, right?Hold on it gets worse. Of that 62%, who manage trainers, most dont know what theyre doing or what to look for in a master trainer. They just hirean employee, teach them the content to train, and *assume* theyre good. What ends up happening is that a lot of team leads become managers and not coachesWhats the difference between a manager and a coach?Managers deal with the issues and the problems. Theyre very reactive rather than proactive. The coach is very proactiveYoure about to learn how to coach trainers for EXCELLENCEnotice it doesnt say success. Theres a reason for thatIn his book, Excellence, John Gardner says, Some people have greatness thrust upon them. Very few have excellence thrust upon them. They achieve it. They do not achieve it unwittingly by doing what comes naturally and they dont stumble into it in the course of amusing themselves. All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose. People who are excellent achieve that on their ownwith a coach. Many people are successful, but theyre not EXCELLENTtheyre not happythey havent got any freedomAs a result, theyre not fulfilledDurable Fulfillment = Happiness +Success +FreedomWhen I implemented this program across the board for over 150 trainers that were training in an organization of over 5000 people, what we saw were three major things happen: Success: Average Trainer Evaluations went up a FULL POINT (out of 6 possible).Happiness: Trainers were happier in class now they enjoyed training more. They built a better relationship with their team leads and training managers. Freedom: They felt like they could be more FREE to be themselves in the classroom. They saved time at the end of the day. They didnt spend as much time at the end of the day getting ready (they were more efficient)The real thing were going to be doing is helping these trainers feel like Wow! I LOVE being a trainer. Im GROWING as a trainer. Youre here interested in theCoaching Trainers Mastery Certificationbecause youre a leaderyou want your trainers to be successful. Youre about to learn how to coach trainers for excellence in a way that will help you: Gain CredibilityBuild Buy-InSecure RespectBe WelcomingShow You CareGet them to Like YouMake Sessions EnjoyableMeet their NeedsGet them to Thank YouSo you can help trainers achieve CANI Constant and Never Ending Improvement. There was a time when having expertise was enough, but today (if you actually want to get engagement, learning and retention), you need to do moreyou need have that CANIThis is going to build your relationships with your trainers in ways that you may have never been able to do before. Because, the reality is that these trainers NEED and WANT you to be their coachesnot just in their training roomsbut all across the board. That means, you will learn to challenge them, regardless of their level of expertise, to be the absolute best that they can be. Thats what separates this program from all the other coaching to success programs out there. So how do you do it?How do you build curriculum that turns instructional design into engagement, learning and retention?Fortunately, thats what youre about to learn. FACT: The cost of retaining trainersis MUCH LESS than the cost of replacing them. According to CED Magazine, 7 out of 10respondents in a2015 survey said that job-related training and development opportunities directly influence intheir decision to stay with a company. The lesson hereinvest in retaining your present trainers. Im not going to sell you on the importance of coaching trainers. If youre here, you already know its an essential aspect of any training strategy, because excellent trainers: Increase ROI and efficiencyEngage and nu

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