The Complete Train the Trainer Bootcamp (Part 3): All Levels

The Complete Classroom Training Mastery Certification Program That Doubles Learning Retention In Half The Time.

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This program dives deeply into the strategies and techniques you need tobe an effective trainer. Youll not only discover how to motivate adult learners, keep them interested, deal with challenging participants, andmaximize learning, but you will actuallydo it yourself. When You Finish This Training, Youll Have a Proven Plan For: TRULY ENGAGING, APPLICABLE CLASSROOM TRAININGThat Doubles Learner Retentionin Half the Timewith Curriculum You Already Have (Even If Its Boring)Ineffective training costs money. According to Grovo, the total loss to a business from ineffective training is a staggering: $13.5M Per Year per 1,000 employees. Not surprisingly, if you ask most trainers and managers about their training efforts, their responses are typically less than enthusiasticOur learning programs arent doing a good job meeting our learners needs. Im not achieving my full potential at work due to lack of developmental opportunities.I dont know how to apply the skills from the training I received on the job. Or the always-popularTraining is boring. Say what you will about classroom training, but the fact isTheres Nothing Boring About DOUBLING Your Retention Without Having To Increase Your Training TimeOrdinary trainers may think classroom training is boring but smart trainers know better. Smart trainers know that, when executed properly, theres no faster, easier or more cost-effective way to engage employees to reach their full potential than classroom training. But how do you do it the right way?Specifically, How do you get your employees excited about your training to attend a class or listen to a lesson so they take the desired action?And then, when they attendHow do you get your class engaged (even the difficult learners) and keep them motivated to listen and learn ALL DAY?And once theyre engaged?How do you make sure the learning sticks and they can apply the skills from the training they receive to their job?(Their real jobsnot the Theory job and DEFINITELY NOT the Recycle bin.) ThenHow do you measure the entire processso that all your new trainers and employees are skilled and youre not spending more money and time on retraining?These are the questions every classroom trainer must be able to answerMore importantly, these are the questions every MANAGER must be able to answer if they want to fully maximize their training efforts (without having to replace employees as a result of turnover.)So if you want to make sure that your employees not only are engagedbut also are highly motivated, retaining and applying their learning and (most importantly) achieving their full potential (and sticking around because of it), then you need to work on these critical steps. But how do you do it?Fortunately, thats exactly what youre about to learnFACT: BusinessesNeedEffective Classroom Trainers(Who Actually Know What Theyre Doing)Im not going to sell you on the importance of classroom training. If youre here, you already know its an essential aspect of any training strategy, because effective classroom training: Is one of the highest ROI activities in your businessEngages employees who are disengaged to achieve their full potential at work resulting in higher retention rates and less labor turnoverMakes the workplace a lot more fun and inspiring translating into less money spent on retraining and development. In other words, effective classroom training on-boards, engages and retains quality employeesand it can save money as a result. So thats why businesses need effective classroom trainers. Theres just one problem: Most so called classroom trainers arent as effective as employees would like them to be. Thats where you come in. As aCertified Classroom Training Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help business onboards, engages and retains quality employees through effective classroom training. More specifically, in this master class, youll learn: How tocreate TRUST with each trainee before class even starts(Do this right and youll see participants crave your class and want only YOU as their trainer!)How to captivate them within the first five minutes (HINT: have a less than amazing opener and their excitement and enthusiasm will suffer.)How to use proven techniques togenerate MORE credibility and MORE rapportand get them in the palm of your hand by the first breakWhich questions and techniques you should be engagingthem on a lesson-to-lesson basis so their minds never wanderAttention CPRHow to help them follow along andmake sure they stay on trackand get them listening and participating again! Thelightbulbsconcept attainment strategy (and whyapplying these 5 simple steps will practically ensure they get it even for the most challenging concepts.)Using Non-Verbals:6 body language and tone of voice techniquesto get youre your trainees to listen, learn, follow, understand and apply what you say. FOURQ & A steps that actually workand ensure youre only the perfect questions! (This is how to answer any question, even if you havent got an answer)Thetwo most important things to do with ANY challenging

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