Teach Online: How To Create In-Demand Online Courses

Learn How to Turn Your Expertise into Online Courses that Attract More Students & Earn You Passive Income

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Are you a coach, consultant, or some other expert? Do you make a living helping others by sharing that expertise? Have you maxed-out on the number of clients you can work with? Or, hit an income ceiling in your business? Or, are you just tired of trading hours for dollars? If that sounds like you, then maybe its time to learn how to leverage your expertise and your time by packaging your knowledge into online courses. That way you can serve thousands of people without having to be there in person (or via the phone). Online courses provide a passive income stream. That means you do the work once to create the course, and then you earn money, month after month after month, with little to no additional time invested on your part. Thats called leveraging yourself. And its a great way to grow your business and help more people without having to work more hours. However, if you want to earn good money from your courses, and really help your students, you need to create a high quality course. It needs to be a course people want. And, it must share information thats in demand and people are willing to pay for. Ive been in business online, teaching virtually and packaging my expertise into information products since 2004. I’ve been a bestselling online teacher since 2013. Ive created 17 online courses and I continue to earn passive income from those courses every single month.I’m a Udemy bestseller with more than 24,000 students in 168 countries; 35,000 enrollments; and more than 290,000 minutes taught. The majority of my students purchase multiple courses from me. In fact many of them are enrolled in every single course Ive created. Oh, and the majority of my students are PAID. Thats an important distinction. Some courses may have thousands of students enrolled but none of those students actually paid to take the course. But, if you want to make passive income you need to create a course students are willing to pay for. And thats exactly what Im going to teach you how to do in this course. In this course, you will learn How to decide WHAT to teach so people will pay to take your coursesHow to create a course outline that easily translates into an online courseHow to create the presentations youll need to shoot your video lessons4 different types of video lessons and how to create each oneHow to name your course so more students find itWhat you need to include in your course in addition to video lessons to enhance your students learning and keep em coming back for more coursesWhat you need to do BEFORE you shoot your course videos to ensure your course will be top quality and quickly approved by any marketplace you publish it toThe equipment youll need to create your course and where to get itThe software youll need and how to use itAnd the equipment you can wait to buy until you start earning moneyHow to record, edit, and produce your course videos, even if youve never shot videos beforeThe technical specs you need to ensure your videos are the correct format to play on the webHow to create an animated branded bumper for all your course videos so your course looks professional and its less likely to be piratedHow to name all your course files to keep them organized and make it easy to upload them to multiple websites (or even have someone else do it for you)You’ll see my exact course creation process.I will walk you step-by-step through everything I do to create my courses and Ill even take you behind the scenes into my studio. Plus you get checklists every step of the way so youll have all the important info you need handy as you create your course. I’d love to help you create your first bestselling online course! Ive been in business online, teaching virtually and packaging my expertise into information products since 2004. I’ve been a Udemy bestselling course instructor since 2013.If youve been thinking about creating an online course but didnt know where to start, this course is the A to Z How-To Guide youve been waiting for. If you follow all the action steps I teach you in this course, when youre done you will have your very own online course, and a brand new recurring revenue stream for your business.

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