Surds, Indices and Logarithms – O Level Additional Math

The entire course on surds, indices and logarithm tested in O Level Additional Mathematics.

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This course on surds, indices and logarithm is created based on the O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus (syllabus 4049). In this course, we will be covering the following topics as tested in the syllabus: Four operations on surds, including rationalising the denominator Solving equations involving surdsExponential functionsSolving equations involving exponential functionsLogarithmic functionsSolving equations involving logarithmic functionsSketching of exponential and logarithmic functionsThis is a FULLcourse on surds, indices and logarithm. Not only will I be going through concepts, Iwill walk you through the questions step- by- step. We will also go through step- by- step past prelim questions from various schools. Ultimately, the goal of this is to help you understand the concepts tested in surds, indices and logarithm and be able to do the questions and score! This video course are full tuition lessons on surds, indices and logarithm that I conduct for my students taking the O Level A Math. I also share common mistakes made, so that you avoid them before making them. The entire course is usually covered in multiple 2 hour lessons for surds, indices and logarithm. Now, you have the opportunity to watch the entire class on – demand, anytime you like, and re- watch it as many times as you want. What are you waiting for?

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