NEET-PG & INI-CET: “The Final Push”

An Integrated fast review to boost your NEET-PG and INI-CET preparation.

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If you want a final push for your NEET-PG or INI-CET preparation, if you’re an intern, a post intern, and have a lack of time for preparation or just want to boost your score, then this course is for you. Let me tell you at the outset that if you have absolutely no time at all, the one thing you must do is go ahead and solve Practice tests at the end of this course. We have prepared two tests. First is a Basic test, where we’ll be focusing on one concept at a time. Then there’s the advanced test, which will mostly have second and third degree integration type questions. Both the tests are going to be vignette based and try to and simulate the actual NEETPGand INI-CET exam. Students often have limited time during preparation. Usually what happens is, students struggle to prepare and revise during the last few weeks of their preparation. This may be either due to a complete lack of preparation, revising a huge volume of material or not knowing what to read in the final days before the exam. Only 20% of what is covered in our textbooks will ever be asked in our exams. For a student to score well in exams, he or she needs to be comfortable in about 80% of that material. However, our research has suggested that out of that chunk, an average student is able to comprehend or even guess more than half of the material. it is the remaining half where students struggle. Students often have difficulty in certain simple yet high yield topics. Additionally, each exam also tests us in some critical concepts and facts that are significant clinically. What we have attempted to dois cover high yield concepts and provide it in a quick and fun way. In less than 24 hours, you will be able to explore and dive into a plethora of topics. Human brains are highly receptive to anything visual and most of us have a good visual memory. Therefore, we have tried to explain stuff in the most vivid and delicious way possible. We have incorporated animations wherever required and put real images wherever needed to get the material through. The test at the end of the course will surely set you up for your exams. So, what are you waiting for?Enroll and enjoy the course!

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