Minister’s Crash Course

A Guide to Successful Gospel Ministry

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This course is a refreshing and powerful launch class for those in Christian ministry of any sort. It is designed with insight to aid people in deciding if they are called to Ministry or not. And it is designed to prepare and empower Ministers and Church leaders to be effective and successful for their Kingdom work. It’s highly Bible-based as well as experience-based, as Chas and Joni Stevenson have combined their 30+ years in Ministry to unmask the reality behind the scenes (behind the pulpit). Just what are Ministers all about? And what really must happen from heart to house to pulpit?If you’re serious about serving God, you’ll love these classes, as they were taught live to a group of about 70. There are about 20 hours of instruction spread over 22 videos, each video being personal and engaging.A Minister’s Handbook (eBook manual) is also included in the course, which is a comprehensive reference compilation of the content. Every Minister of the gospel will benefit from this course. And every sincere believer who feels a call to Church leadership will benefit from this course.

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