Medical Device Registration In Saudi Arabia

Master medical devices registration in Saudi Arabia market, the biggest market in the GCC, the highest ROI market

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Master medical devices registration in the most important and biggest market ever in the GCC region, the market of Sudi Arabia, this market could be missed by any pharmaceutical or healthcare company, all the pharma industry professional understand very well the weight of this market, how huge it is, and what is the expected revenue out of it. This course will equip you with two powerful tools to invade the pharma industry, as a regulatory affairs professional you are responsible for bringing up to 80% if not 90% of the company revenue from only one market in the GCC region in one hand while in your other hand you are dealing with the second powerful tool of the medical devices, as medical devices registration time frame is shorter than the pharmaceuticals, ist is almost half the time frame of the pharmaceuticals. To register a medical device you will need only 6 months, 3 months for variation, and 2 to 1 month only for renewal. So from a business point of view, you can place your product in the market quite faster and start earning your revenue quite fast also, moreover, the medical devices world is highly dynamic and innovative, compared to the pharamcticals, lots of innovations different versions of the same medical device could be played within the potential market of the KSA. Daer pharma industry future professionals, let us start our interesting journey towards medical device registration in KSA, we will travel together Saudia Arabia, meet the health authority there “SFDA”, and explore its requirements for registration, renewal, and variations, let us get our MDMA and place our products there. In this course, we will cover all topics related to medical devices in the KSA, starting from the requirements, interim regulations, classification, verification, and special conditions. Then we will go deeper to see the actual forms, and templates as usual I keep the theme of the Pharma Academy that it comes to you “From Practice”, and prepare the submission dossier together, and ensure its verifiaction, budling /grouping criteria of the medical devices in only one MDMA application, and interact with the actual SFDA gateway for MDMA submission. and we will end our journey, by landing the department of custom clearance, tracking /tracing system, barcoding, 2DMatrix for all the shipments planned for KSA market importation. And finally, congratulations to you for mastering medical device registration in the KSA market, and see you soon in the pharma industry my dear colleagues.

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