How to Handle Difficult People

Struggling to deal with a difficult person at work and it’s affecting your career? This course teaches you what to do.

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If you are dealing with a bully, a gossip, an unreliable or difficult person at work and it’s affecting your well being then this course is for you. Knowing how to deal with difficult people is critical to keeping your career on track. We teach a simple three step model called Flare Care Share. You will learn about the triggers which send you into an emotional state – that’s when you flare up and move towards feelings of violence or silence. We teach you how to avoid entering into a career limiting confrontation or a damaging funk of avoidance and self loathing. This is the care phase. In the share phase, you will learn how to initiate a dialogue in a professional way and hold a conversation which can lead to an improved outcome without animosity. You will be able to effortlessly restore good order and benefit both you and the other person. The course is mostly video with supporting bullet point notes. We also include some practice material so that you can hear and repeat the wording which works before taking it into the workplace. You will learn the basic technique in about one hour. Three imagined scenarios are addressed – a bully, a gossip and an unreliable person. We stress that it’s only practice that will embed the method but we will give you support if you message us via the Udemy message feature.

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