Fundamentals of Cosmometry

Explorations in the Fractal-Holographic Nature of Life

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As science and spirituality increasingly merge, a new worldview is concurrently emerging that embraces the idea that energy and consciousness (the physical and metaphysical experience of reality) are a unified whole, and that all things are entirely and instantly interconnected as one. Building upon the foundational research of Buckminster Fuller, Arthur Young, David Bohm and other 20th century pioneers, a contemporary understanding of the fundamental patterns, structures and dynamics of the cosmic geometry that underlies universal manifestation is informing this worldview with elegance and precision. The insights of both scientific and sacred geometry that have grown over centuries of inquiry are now revealing an increasingly accepted model of a fractal and holographic universe, wherein the whole is found to be present in every “part” at every scale, from micro-atomic to macro-galactic. In Fundamentals of Cosmometry, well explore the basics of this model and the foundational research that supports it, including some of the most contemporary knowledge from todays pioneers. Well also look at ways in which this knowledge pertains to our own Human Experience, as well as practical applications in various fields. This course consists of 6 Sections and 24 visually-rich presentations.(NOTE: This course was originally presented and recorded live as an online webinar series.)Topics include: SECTION 1: Foundational Concepts: The Holographic Whole SECTION 2: Starting from Zero: Understanding the Unified Field of Infinite Energetic and Creative Potential SECTION 3: Structural Cosmometry: Exploring the Tensional Integrity of Manifestation SECTION 4: Flow Process: The Torus as Fundamental Dynamic System SECTION 5: Field Patterning: Radials, Waves and Spirals SECTION 6: Bringing It All Together: Applications and the Human Experience This is a very visual and conceptual exploration, not requiring any mathematical or deeply technical knowledge of physics or sacred geometry. We will touch into these realms just enough to build an understanding of the basics of cosmometry with the objective of seeing the beauty of the integral wholeness that creates the magnificence of life on Earth and beyond. Testimonials:”This course and our discussions brought the geometry “alive” for me within me so now I am feeling it as much as thinking it. Such excellent, broad and deep material. Such coherent mind, heart and body unity. Such stellar visual images.”Awesome class! I have been moved and transformed beyond the ability of words to sufficiently describe.”Thank you for your wonderfulcourse and the way you present it! It has truly been a life-changing experience whichhasignitedsomethinginside me – aliving energy/consciousness.”I feel an absolute thrill with the information you’re presenting in these sessions, Marshall. I looove how it demonstrates the true interconnectedness of all things, and the pattern which underlies All. Its something Ive always strongly sensed, and my whole Being comes alive with the recognition of the truth of what youre sharing. Cant get enough of it!”It was illuminating! And I appreciated how you ‘took us by the hand’ and slowly introduced even the hardest subjects. My mind blew out a few times – but now it seems to be working in a much more expanded way. Your class really connected many dots for me.”

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