Collection of Physics volume 1

Physics Volume 1

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In this volume, you will learn Physical world, Human Eye, Laws of motion, Motion in a straight line and plane etc, The name indicates the extensive use of 3D digital models. These bring physics concepts alive and communicate to the reader the physical arrangement of various topics for a comprehensive understanding. The animations also help to grasp the experimental context. Creative use of animation technology and original 3D solid models through videos gives a unique flavour. The design of each course makes difficult topics easy as well as attractive to visualize. People are able to recall information easily when they have received it from the stories featured in animated videos. Stories have a special ability to deliver new ideas to everyone. Animated explainer videos can intelligently, efficiently, and smoothly deliver ideas and information and because they are funny, people remember them for a long time. Videos are the simplest way to express your complicated ideas in a memorable way, and they are the best tools to enable educational and other kinds of organizations to accomplish this goal. Animated videos can be great in imparting information to people in broadcasting and other public media. Using great story lines and catchy language in animated explainer videos, its easy to convey important information to all viewers.

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