A – Z about Drawing & Zentangle – For Beginners

Untangle your Stress with Zentangle

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In this course, I have added videos for 7 different topics so that every student will get a first hand idea about how to draw or approach the drawing of a simple object. Along with that, I also have added the respective videos for doing zentangle on the drawn images. Not only this, I also have added resources for 14 more different subjects. Students will get drawing steps and also zentangle steps for all those 21 objects in the resource section. I tried my best to provide all possible resources and videos in this course so that everyone will be able to finish the course successfully without any trouble. Zentangle is a form of meditative doodling that has patterns, or tangles, put together to form a Zen-tangle. The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns, tangles. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. These simple shapes are the “Elemental Strokes” in all Zentangle art. In this course, you will learn how to draw simple objects and things around us and also you will learn to zentangle those drawn images with simple patterns to give it a beautiful look. You can choose or discover your own zentangle patterns to fill in the drawn images.I hope you will untangle all your stress by drawing all the 21 different zentangle projects explained in this course. There are some 4-6 steps to draw and steps to zentangle each and every images provided in this course. Hopefully, this course will help you to get into a habit of learning stress free zentangle images and release all your tensions. Try to draw and zentangle one image everyday.

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