A biblical understanding on how to overcome sin

The Bible teaches us that it was never God’s intention that we continue in sin that grace may abound.

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When we accepted Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour we were washed clean in the precious blood of the lamb and we stood before God completely cleansed from all sin. It was never our Lord’s intention that His saints then went back into sin, and so He made provision for us to walk free from sin. This coursehelps the believer to understand that truth in scripture and appropriate it for themselves. This course is meant for all audiences. No previous theological study is required or expected, for it is meant to give a basic understanding of what the bible says about the subject of overcoming sin. Michael Maher will lecture from the bible, to walk the student through the subject ofhow to walk in righteousness, and how walking inunrighteounessimpacts the life of the believer. Quizzes have been developed to help test comprehension ofthe video lectures. This course focuses on explainingthe biblical view of walking free from sin. As a supplementary resource, this course canbe taken in tandem with the reading of Michael Mahers book, Born Free from Sin.I trust that the material and the dialogue with other students will be encouraging and enlightening for all.

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